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The team at Sova Surveys are specialists in their field and combine extensive knowledge and sector expertise with a can-do attitude. This means that our building surveyors deliver fast, accurate, and affordable turnaround times for your measured building survey projects.

We always take huge amounts of pride in our work and on making sure we deliver the highest quality for clients across Bristol, the South West, Bath, London and the UK. We can offer standard specifications or we can customise them to suit your specific needs.

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BIM Modelling

About measured building surveys

Our measured building surveys are accurate and useful models of a building featuring floor plans, sections and elevations. They include a drawn description of the layout, locations, dimensions and other meaningful aspects of a building.

We capture the measurement for our surveys utilising a variety of both traditional and modern techniques and tools. As well as terrestrial laser scanners, digital photography and GPS satellites, we still make use of tape measures. Our team of surveyors can create a brand new set or drawing, or update existing surveys. We always strive to deliver fast and reliable results.

Our measured building surveys (MBS) produce highly informative representations of a building’s layout such as floor plans, sections and elevations, including structural elements and architectural features. Thanks to a combination of traditional surveying methods and advanced modern tools and techniques, we are able to deliver highly accurate models to inform building design, construction and renovation projects.

We carry out surveys on commercial, residential, healthcare and educational buildings – we are happy to take on survey work in any sector. As well as houses, flats, offices and commercial units, we carry out surveys on schools, universities, warehouses, derelict properties, and much more.

With the advances in laser scanning technology, we are also able to scan large objects.
Some examples of the use of this is where we accurately scanned a tree so that a unique bespoke treehouse could be designed for the tree without any alteration to the tree itself.

We also scanned a temperance fountain and created a 3D mesh so that the fountain could be 3D printed.

Measured building surveys (MBS) give architects, interior designers, space planners and construction contractors as-built plans of the project so that they can better plan for the job they are involved in.

These accurate plans (whether they are topographical, floor plans, roof plans, reflective ceiling plans, sections, elevations, sectional elevations, area (gross external, gross internal, net internal), lease plan, heritage, floor flatness or a combination of these) are used in various ways to ease the process of undertaking property development and renovations.

A few examples of where a measured building survey can be used are:

– to give a reliable starting point for your architect to design alterations/renovations from.
– to assist with building and planning applications being submitted.
– checking that building floors meet flatness and regularity specifications.
– documenting building conditions as they currently are.
– checking quality control of construction during and after the process.

We will try our best, but we can’t guarantee to beat the price.

We already aim to keep our prices competitively low and your cheaper quote may be lower due to a less skilled service, or the complete scope of the project is misunderstood.

However, we’re always happy to discuss this with you and see where we can help.

A measured building survey may be needed if you are planning to renovate, redevelop or extend a building, and may be commissioned by private homeowners, interior designers, architects, private estates, property developers and construction companies, to mention a few. Measured building surveys record internal floor plans, internal and external elevations and building cross sections, helping to verify and record data for historical purposes.

Traditionally, surveys are produced as 2D CAD drawings, but the industry is moving more and more towards 3D BIM.

About us

Our team at Sova boasts years of industry and sector experience between them and we also have an established support team who works with us. Find out more about us here.

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Recent Reviews

Sova is a great team to work with. They always supply great data, which is very flexible and cost-effective. I would recommend it without hesitation.” – OliverJ (Local Architect)

I approached Jared Matthews of Sova about surveying services in respect of the subdivision of a field which I am buying.  He suggested to me a way by which an accurate scale drawing could be produced without the cost of a site visit.  By this method he produced a drawing showing several different parcels of land, the extent of which was determined by pre-agreed sizes in acres which the intended parties had agreed.  His plan also showed by different colours other required features.  I was very pleased with the end product and the relatively inexpensive method by which, at his suggestion, he was able to produce it. My conveyancing solicitor then requested the addition of some extra features on the plan.  I was concerned that this would lead to delays in the conveyancing process.  But Jared Sova produced a revised plan incorporating all the new features within 90 minutes of me sending an email requesting it.  It was a good piece of work, produced at impressive speed.” – Anthony Speaight (Private Client)

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