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Fast, accurate and affordable surveys in Bath, Bristol, London and beyond.

Our team at Sova boasts years of industry and sector experience between them and we also have an established support team who works with us.

This means that the clients we work with benefit from all the experience, advice, support, and professionalism they would expect but for the fraction of the costs of a traditional measurement surveyor organisation.

Specialists in surveying and using the latest technology, we have worked with leading architects across the country and have surveyed unique and exclusive properties.

We take huge amounts of pride in our work and on making sure we deliver outstanding quality for you, our client.

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    Floor Plans Drafted
    Laser Scans Completed
    Building Surveys Completed
    Gigabytes of Data Collected
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    Our Recent Projects

    Our measured surveys differ hugely as do our clients and here are some of our projects for you to see.

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    We take pride in having surveyed a wide range of different projects for numerous happy clients. Get in touch and find out how we can help.

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