When To Order A Measured Building Survey

A Measured Survey Provides All the Details You Need

Whether you’re planning a major construction project or just need detailed information regarding your property, a measured survey fits the bill.

A measured building survey provides comprehensive information about the internal and external elevations, dimensions, and floor plans of your building. If you are planning an extension or redevelopment, the measured survey will be the first thing you need to obtain.


In addition, measured building surveys are invaluable when you are putting together a safety or evacuation plan, to make sure you have every angle covered and to meet the appropriate safety legislation.

Here, we take a look at the different aspects of a measured survey:


The first aspect that usually springs to mind when it comes to measured building surveys is in providing details of the elevations. These are calculated using either a reflectorless total station or by using cutting edge high definition laser scanning techniques.

Whichever method is adopted, you will ultimately be provided with drawings that can be presented in a variety of ways to suit your personal requirements. These can vary between basic line drawings, full architectural plans and street scene elevations, the latter of which are often a prerequisite to meet planning regulations.

Best of all, these elevations can be provided without the surveyor even needing to set foot on your property (if sufficient line of sight is available).

Floor Plans

Whether it is a small residential property or a large and complex public building, your surveyor can generate a precise plan of the internal layout using the most modern and accurate survey equipment.

Again, the level of information shown on floor plans depends entirely on your needs and what you wish to be shown. For example, you might just need the basic measurements and the location of doors and windows, or you might need a detailed picture that shows the location of electrical sockets, light fittings, furniture, fixtures, and fittings, etc.

Cross Section Drawings

For an additional level of detail, the surveyor can provide cross-section drawings through any part of the building. This will show targeted information along the nominated cut line, which can be of particular use when preparing the details for an extension to an existing property.

Reflected Ceiling Plans

It can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate perspective on the proposed construction from every applicable angle. This is where reflected ceiling plans come in. They show details of the ceilings but provided in the same orientation as is shown on the associated floor plan.

As ever, the exact level of detail can be to the level you need. By using modern surveying techniques, the surveyor can produce the plan without needing to cause upheaval with ladders or scaffolding.

Tailored to You

The most important thing to remember about a measured building survey is that everyone’s needs are different. A good surveyor will provide the drawings and elevations you require in the format you need them, and in either paper or electronic form.

When choosing which surveyor to use, always take time to discuss your individual needs, and take a look at their previous projects to be confident that they are the right people to handle your job.

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