5 Reasons How Accurate and Professional Surveys Save You Money

Accurate measured surveys undertaken by specialists should be considered as an investment as they can save on costs of building related projects in the future.

An initial investment in measured surveying saves money long term

Whether renovating, converting or simply assessing a building or structure for safety provisions, a professional measured survey is a valuable part of the process and could be considered an investment rather than simply a cost.

What is a measured survey?

It’s the highly detailed and accurate measuring and mapping both internally and externally of buildings and structures.

Using highly specialised and sophisticated measuring and recording equipment such as laser scanning, radar, and very high definition digital cameras a very accurate record of the building or structure is created.

A highly accurate record of the building, or buildings, in question – often in 3D along with 2D – can provide an important resource and reference for various experts involved in a building-related project including designers, architects, project managers, structural engineers and materials suppliers.

How could the survey save on costs?

Access to highly accurate information will enable the above personnel to fulfil their roles more effectively so potentially saving costs in the long run.

Some Examples:

1. Materials – access to accurate plans and high quality survey images will help ensure only appropriate materials in the right quantities will be procured, so saving money on purchasing items that may not be required.

If renovating an older building the right type of tiles, roof slates and bricks can more readily be matched with what is already there, or what would be commensurate with a building of that particular age and design.

2. Planning – the highly accurate measurements provided by a professional and experienced site surveying service can help prevent mistakes being made in planning applications.

All too often plans have to be redrawn and revised at further expense when planning departments reject applications; some could have been right first time if an accurate building measuring survey had been undertaken.

A professional, accurate survey can also speed up the planning process so possibly saving on architect fees and making it possible to start work on the project sooner. This can have a positive effect on the bottom line such as enabling an income generating building such as a tourist attraction to open or re-open sooner.

3. Work duration reduced – a thorough and detailed measured survey can also help the building or renovation phase of a project complete quicker so saving time and money. With the relevant personnel being able to refer to accurate information, the work itself is almost certain to be more effective with far less likelihood of mistakes, and overall should complete faster.

4. Planning safety and access – a commercial or public building is subject to many safety regulations in terms of access, general safety of people using it, and other considerations such as fire escape routes.

Accurate measurement surveys enable safety considerations to be identified and factored in as part of the design process. If issues arise from inaccurate plans or construction, it’s potentially expensive to take remedial action in terms of adding safety features once construction or renovation has taken place.

For example, suddenly having to construct an access ramp or create a fire exit once work has completed and a fire risk assessment relating to the structure in question has been undertaken could prove costly – not to mention the possibility of having to close the facility while work of this nature is undertaken.

5. A permanent record

Even if building or renovation work isn’t required initially, a detailed measured survey provides an organisation with a valuable record of a building or structure.

This could be very useful if, say, ideas for expansion or renovation are considered in the light of, perhaps, availability of potential funds or if considering the implications of adapting or changing its use at some point in the future.

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